Stafast Products

M.A.S. is a distributor for Stafast Products featuring a full line of T-nuts and Weld Nuts. Many sizes available.

Weld Nuts from M.A.S. Products, Inc.
T-Nuts from M.A.S. Products, Inc.
M.A.S. Products, Inc. distributes T-Nuts and Weld Nuts
Weld Nuts and T-Nuts from M.A.S. Products, Inc.

Weld Nuts

  • Round Base
  • Slab Base
  • Hex Base


  • Hooper Feed
  • Straight Barrel
  • Small Flange
  • Tapered Barrel
  • Locking


Pallet Nuts

Propell Nuts

Insert Nuts

Cap Nuts

Wing Nuts

Cross Dowel

Joint Connectors

Hanger Bolts

Insert Caps

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